spring rearranging

Sometimes there are things that get a hold of me and I just can’t let them go — big or little, significant or not.  This is a character trait I have used to my advantage (hello job promotions) or it can drive people nuts.  I think my poor husband and sister have fallen into the second camp for the last year while I tried to find the perfect rug.  (I know — a rug!  Who really cares about a rug?!  Apparently I do!)  All the way back in January of 2011 I did find the perfect rug, but it was unfortunately out of my reach and to the inspiration board it went.  Well email inboxes everywhere can fear my rugs-to-possibly-buy-list no more.  After one year of saving lots of pennies and after scouring every estate sale, corner of craig’s list, and four more trips to The Dump  — I finally found the PERFECT rug.  And what do you know — it is the same one I first fell in love with!

A few weeks ago off of a whim the hubs asked if I wanted to go look at The Dump, again, because they were having a huge blow-out on rugs.  We found one that we liked that looked very similar and we bargained for a really good price; but my heart wasn’t 100% sold and I wasn’t quite ready for my “rug money” to go to something that I didn’t want to completely marry.  After looking around a bit more I saw literally no more than 3 feet of the backside of a rolled up rug sticking out of their backstock room and I knew that it was the one we were going to go home with.  By the time my husband muscled out all 13 feet from their cart, I knew it was love.  And a quick check on my phone to compare photos and we couldn’t believe it was the same exact design as the one we saw a year earlier.  Another little bit of haggling and it was ours for the taking (for an even lower price!).  It all feels a bit silly now; but I’m so glad that we waited.

I found it no coincidence that my grandmother had those two hot pink pillows just sitting in her linen closet waiting to come home with my rug.  I also really like the way the yellow pillows worked out too.  And I especially think that our very special coffee table looks simply marvelous on her new home.


(And yes, I rearranged that wall of art, again!)

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