weekend scene

The hubs stayed buried under model making supplies.  When I picked him up from his studio on Friday, I hardly recognized the space… it was a disaster!!  I could literally feel the pressure cooking in that building.  (I don’t miss finals!)  He will have to have pencils down this Sunday night.  Basically his entire week will look like this.  (And I’m sure next weekend will look eerily similar this this weekend.)  I wondered why I couldn’t seem to get enough sleep this weekend and then I remember that I had been working 10+ hour days last week (I even worked on a Friday!!!) and I’ve just got until Tuesday to keep it up.  (This is a reminder, file your tax extension rather than calling an accountant in a panic today!)  The weather was just wonderful — especially in the evening.  Texas in the Spring really is marvelous.  Friday found me on steps with a glass a wine (in our new cups!) and Saturday night we grilled (again), and Sunday I went for a run.  The trees in our neighborhood are wonderful, and this time of year everything is so fragrant.  It was just the rest I needed to deal with the craziness that awaits me at my office this week!


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