weekend scene

This wrap up is a little late, but I feel like my long weekend is just ending.  The last four days have been the longest days we’ve experienced in forever.  We crammed in so much before B finally shipped off this morning.  We had dinner with family, 50 trips to target and such, much needed date nights, and oh yeah we had to prep the house since we are subletting it!  (Yeah, more on that later).  I’m hoping we didn’t forget to do anything and really, as long as B has his passport, he can buy anything else he may need.  I can’t believe that when I wake up in the morning, my husband will be in London (and then on to Paris, multiple Italian cities, Amsterdam, & Copenhagen!)

My six week countdown has begun and my time is already filling up with projects and to-do lists (as well as the all-important Pool Party Fridays with my sis!)  We’ll see just how much really gets done!  Creatively, I’m hoping to stretch myself as The Hubs has with him our DSLR.  I’m hoping to experiment with a few of our film cameras and a good old point and shoot.  (This post reminds me that it’s not about the equipment, but the person using it!)


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