So I have been trying to “tune my instrument” with a bit more regularity.   I decided to use an old photograph as my inspiration, my mother and sister circa 1976.  I ended up framing the drawing — not to hang really — but because I didn’t know what else to do with it and I didn’t necessarily want to leave it in my book to smudge.  Even after a good spraying, the charcoal was still too pliable on the page; so to a frame (and to my mother’s) it went.

It’s funny how looking at it through this lame-o iphone photo it really shows where I spend most of my time and energy — my mother’s face.  I didn’t realize just how washed out the baby was and that shirt/shoulder needs some real work.  I guess I really should try to scan the original (for my own personal archives).  I’m just glad I remembered how to use some charcoal.

Mother and Child, 14 x 11, charcoal on paper


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