on eating well

Ever since February I’ve had a bit of a shift in my eating habits.  After the binge that is the holiday season and a semester of classes that interfered with my exercise I reluctantly got on the scale and just about melted when I saw what number was looking back at me.  I know it’s not just about a number, but I had noticed that even my “cookie pants” were quite tight.  I even started realizing that I wasn’t wearing certain items in my closet because a.) they looked terrible and b.) they weren’t fitting!  Frustration and shock started to set in.  It had to change — and right then.  OK, so maybe it wasn’t a total lightening strike moment, but it was a wake-up call.

All about this same time I read a recommendation for a book called Feed Your Face.  And being someone who has ALWAYS had stupid skin issues, I thought I might give it a shot.  It is no secret that food affects your skin — but to what extent I did not realize.  Like the fact that sugar (of all kinds) is an inflammatory agent — making your skin red/puffy/blotchy.  I always felt like I would have break-outs if I binged on my favorite Chick-fil-A french fries, but I learned that it’s not the oil that’s the culprit.  It’s the carbs.  I was basically a deflated balloon after I read that.  So you’re telling me I can’t have any carbs now if I want to not look like a pubescent teenager? Not exactly, but they should be severely limited and of course replaced with healthier ones (i.e. whole wheat anything).  The other surprise that I learned about is the strong link between dairy and bad skin issues.  Interestingly (according to the book) we are the only mammals that drink the milk of other animals.  A little piece of my heart died when I read that, as I could easily drink a gallon of milk a week (by myself!)

But there was an upside.  Dr. Wu suggests that we can still have a little dark chocolate, whole wheat buns on our turkey burgers, and even red wine.  She also taught me about the power of the tomato.  It is a superfood for the skin for sure.  I don’t particularly care for them, but I was willing to try just about anything.

And try I did.  I decided to commit to this new “diet” (I really hate that word).  Besides, other than my marriage, I don’t know that I’ve ever had to do anything for 6 weeks. (Well, not like this.)  But committed I was and 6 weeks came and went.  What went: my weight | what came: clear skin.  Yep.  I’m now a believer.  Those six weeks came to an end 6 weeks ago.  I have since  incorporated carbs and a little dairy back into my diet.  I have managed to keep most of the 13 lbs I lost at bay, but there is no denying it, I can tell a BIG difference in my skin quality.  And now that I can see the evidence for itself, I am the one that will be solely responsible for my appearance.  I hate that it feels like I have to choose my vanity over delicious treats like ice cream and chocolate cake (two things I am likely to knock over an old woman for) but it’s about choosing which I value more: instant gratification or not wanting to throw up when I look in the mirror?  And besides, I really did feel good during those intense/strict 6 weeks.

So with the hubs away for, what do you know, 6 weeks… I thought I might jump back on my original band wagon.  I really would like to lose about 8 more pounds and mostly be able to go make-up free this summer.  Here’s to 45 more days and counting… (now with internet accountability!)

{a favorite mantra}  |  {my most favorite low-carb recipe}

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