weekend scene

Again with the 4-day weekends…  I feel like I’ve been away forever!  The hubs has officially been gone now for one week and a day… just 40 days to go!  I have to again sing the praises of face-time because we’ve been able to talk every day (usually even twice) without using any phone minutes.  Yea for modern technology.

The weekend was so full: pool party at my sister’s (twice!), birthday dinner celebrations with my brother-in-law, rearranging my mother’s kitchen (prepping for a major cabinet update), organizing and settling in my room/bathroom, visiting with my grandmother, working on a photo project, grilling (and grilling!), and even shooting my first roll of film!  I think there was a movie in there somewhere too, but I’m exhausted thinking about it.  And now I’m pumped that I have just a three day work-week before my sis, mom and I are headed to New Orleans for the weekend!

I love summer time.

p.s.  That very dapper dude, is a photo from the hubs while in Paris…  I’m one lucky girl!

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