I can’t believe it’s only been 18 days since B left, but it seriously feels like it’s been at least a month (for both of us.)  We have been crazy fortunate to be able to face time almost every day for just a few minutes.  But on Tuesday he caught me in the morning while I got ready for work and we talked for an hour!  It was wonderful.  While we were in NOLA last weekend our hotel did not have free wifi so instead of face time we used Hey Tell.  That app basically turns your phone into a walkie-talkie.  We have been more than spoiled being able to physically see each other every day.  It made me quite cranky when I couldn’t.  But Hey Tell was better than just plain old-fashioned email!  And although these crazy phones have made a huge difference in being apart, it still doesn’t compare with having my bedfellow home with me.  I miss my best friend so much (and I love that he misses me so much too!)


    1. He was in Paris a week ago and omg, he LOVED it. I mean, L-O-V-E-D it. We’ve always known that we would probably like it a lot, but I’ve never heard him talk about a city that way. Maybe it means France is in my future somehow…

      Right now he is in Italy and will be for three more weeks, then onto Denmark, The Netherlands, and England (again)!

      (I’m still so completely jealous of your experience! And I love living vicariously!)

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