8 is great

I can’t believe that we are celebrating our EIGHTH anniversary today (and that we aren’t together!)  But in the spirit of tradition, we did another self “photo shoot”, but individually this year.  And it’s completely campy and silly, but you know, that’s kinda who we are.  As much as I have romantic notions of looking like something out of a progressive music magazine being all intense, sexy, and mysterious…  it’s just really not who we are.  We are however, madly in love (still!) and we like to have fun.  (I mean, come on, my two favorite comedies are this and this — what do you expect?!)

It’s been fun for the last four anniversaries to capture something that is going on at that time in our lives.  I don’t think they are defining moments, but just us being present.  (Somewhat like this entire blog!)  We will change and grow emotionally (and physically!) and I hope we can continue to capture these wonderful moments — and not ever take ourselves too seriously!

Although we are 5,000 miles apart, I always carry you in my heart!

[see more silliness here]


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