i *heart* my family: in the garden

I have lamented here before my inability to sustain anything green beyond a week; but not so was the case with my maternal grandmother.  I have such fond memories of her and her garden.  It was nothing elaborate.  She wasn’t even out on a farm; but her suburban-esque backyard was summer’s bounty.  I mean, every time I have a green bean, I think of her *snapping* beans from one worn, plastic, white bowl to another.  (She’s the one that taught me the key to successful green beans is adding bacon!)  And I will inevitably think of her every time I see a cucumber too.  She always had cucumbers — from her garden — ready for my sister and I to eat in the summer.  You know, I hardly ever have cucumbers now, at least not by themselves the way she fixed it: one freshly peeled and sliced cucumber in a bowl of of ice water, with a pinch of salt.  It really is the perfect summer snack.

* my maternal grandmother, circa 1967 *

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