weekend scene

It was another full and fantastic weekend.  It doesn’t feel like summers’ end around here, but there was indeed much to celebrate.  We are super lucky to have just gotten a Trader Joe’s in our neighborhood.  Friday morning’s walk to the store was PERFECT weather, then we sat outside and enjoyed some of our spoils.  We took a little bike ride through the neighborhood, taking full advantage of the front that came in and knocked out the humidity.  I’ve realized that I have to treat the Texas summer like it’s the dead of winter elsewhere.  So just when everyone else is getting ready to hunker down for fall, we are winding up our outdoor activities…or at least enjoying them now rather than cursing the bloody heat!

We also celebrated the engagement of a young couple who let me shoot some photos of them a few weeks ago. (I’ll post some of those later this week.)  Since we were hanging with my fam, B decided to treat us to an authentic Italian meal from one of the recipes he acquired while in Italy this summer.  It was BEYOND delicious. Fresh tomato sauce, veggies, and my new favorite red wine.  Complete with cinghiale, pecorino, and prosciutto wrapped cantelope for starters.  And because things were a little nuts around my birthday this year, we indulged in a belated birthday cake the hubs had hiding in the freezer.  While we ate cake, he regaled us with stories and pictures from his trip — seems like it was a lifetime ago already.

Good family, good food, good times — a great autumn opener.


    1. It does, doesn’t it?! I’m not quite sure how that keeps happening. Maybe b/c I eat like a rabbit (or lazy college student) during the week I use my weekends to indulge.

  1. Your pictures are beautiful! I need to go check out the new Trader Joe’s, I am a grocery store window shopper. I spend at least an hour in them when I have the time! I like to pick the most affordable/best quality products. I can’t wait for my first adventure into Joe’s grocery haven.

    1. Thank you so much! And I am now completely spoiled having FOUR wonderful grocery stores so close. I too need to explore this TJ a little more. It was controlled chaos on opening day!

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