containing the crazy


I spent part of the last two evenings writing a very long monologue about my thoughts & concerns on blogging.  It’s a letter I’ve written several times before but never posted.  And this time won’t be any different.  But what I found surprising was just how much better I felt after having just focused my attention and actually gotten the words out.  It reminded me of the instructions my mother would encourage when I had a problem with a friend, boyfriend, and later an employer, to “write it down and then sleep on it.”  Still that advice rings true, even for something as trivial as blogging.  After seeing things in the morning light, I have a new perspective.  (See, this is why it’s best if I don’t ever join twitter!)



  1. It is surprising, indeed! It is something I do and also something I strongly suggest to all my friends and students and everybody comes back to me with the same feeling of relieve. It seems that, writing it down — whatever is annoying or obsessing us — is freeing something inside as if the problem is out of us and down on the paper so, we can — or our subconscious guy — see the problem with more objectivity and find the solution or at least a solution. But… I don’t get your reflection on Twitter 🙂

    Have a wonderful day!

    1. There is something interesting though, about being witness to “the process” that is (of going from high emotion/passion to calm, cool, and objective); but really it leaves me feeling to vulnerable! Ergo, no twitter. (Really, I think I just change my mind too much — but don’t quote me on that!) 🙂

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