concrete planter DIY

This had to be one of the easiest DIY’s we’ve done in a long time.  We actually made it over two weekends though, instead of just one.  We mixed and poured two weekends ago, and then finally pulled it apart this past weekend.

Step 1. Mix the concrete.  We used one of these Quikrete products (the hubs would have to specify  which one– who knew they had so many?!)

Step 2. Pour wet mixture into a form.  For this we used a milk carton and a smaller whipping creme carton.  We used tape to help hold the shape.

Step 3. Once it dries (times will vary depending on the mixture) pull it apart.

Step 4 (and 4 1/2).  Admire your work.  I honestly had no idea it wasn’t going to have a level top.  I thought we did enough banging and shaking to have everything level off.  But oh well.

Step 5. Give those rough edges a quick rub with some sandpaper.

Step 6. Fill with your desired contents.  This little gem was going to be home for a succulent the hubs brought home some weeks ago.

This was so easy to make I can see giving these out as gifts, especially a housewarming gift.  (Here is another succulent container I made for my sis.)


    1. It really is just that easy. It’ll be interesting to experiment with different types of mixtures, maybe incorporate color, etc. The ombre effect of the one I made was totally unexpected (even by my husband.) I’ve also seen molds made with plastic containers too. Just have a pair of pliers around to loosen the mold.

      I can’t wait to see what you make; I’m sure it will be nothing short of fabulous!

    1. I just used a smaller container (with a bottom) and then taped it in place inside the larger container. The concrete was poured in between the two.

      1. Hi there, how did you prevent the cracking? What was the curing process you used? Thanks

      2. So sorry for the late replay. I genuinely didn’t see this until now!

        As far as cracking and curing, I truly just left the material in the container over night and then pulled back the cardboard to reveal the final product. Sorry my process is not more helpful. Good look troubleshooting it!

  1. In response to Claire’s question. All concrete projects need to properly cure. Minimally that would mean that after you unmold the next day, you keep the pot wet or damp for 1 to 2 weeks. It is hard to keep small projects damp that long. Sometime I will wrap the pot with a wet towel, or place in plastic bag and close the top. Allow it to dry too soon and you could have an issue with cracking. That has been my experience – Mike

  2. If you’re going to plant cacti you ought to neutralise the alkali in the cement as most cacti like a slightly acid growing medium. This is easily done by immersing the pots in a mixture of white vinegar & water for a couple of weeks

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