weekend scene

This past weekend was exhausting.  We finally had my Grandmother’s estate sale.  Two days or that is enough to wipe out a professional athlete!  My mom and aunt have been working so hard for weeks getting everything organized and ready.  So when I showed up at 7:30 Friday morning they had everything all set up.  My sister and I worked “the wrap desk” and gorged ourselves on WAY too many doughnut holes.  (Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had an actual, real doughnut?! O-mazing).  My mother could be a professional garage seller and estate sale planner.  Everything in the house was sorted by category, placed on tables, and labeled.  But my favorite part was my desk.  It was outfitted with all the essentials: two calculators, money box, walkie-talkies, price key, coffee, gum, scissors, fingernail file, pens, markers, paperclips, two-vintage ID badges (or rather, 2 childhood photos found in a suitcase!), garbage can, tape, plastic bags, newsprint (yes, for wrapping fragile items), note cards, and a litte greenery for ambiance.  These people are not messing around!  The sale was indeed a success, and we were told on more than one occasion that “y’all are WAY too organized!” (We even had a few ask us if we did this for a living!)  I’m just glad to know that I get all my crazy-organization-efficiency habits honestly.


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