i heart my family: the fisher-women

I was fortunate to have two grandmothers who were quite the outdoors women.  Maybe not in the contemporary sense of the word, but both women were not afraid to get their hands dirty, for work or play.  (Including but not limited to: gardening, camping, fishing, farming, hunting, golfing, walking, birding…)  I really appreciate the legacy of these two very feminine and domestic tomboys.

Seeing as how October is upon us, the fish are biting and I would love to play hooky from work to head out into the Gulf.  But between my allergies and my super-sensitive equilibrium, I’ve been land-locked.  Maybe I should try surf/land fishing like my maternal grandmother did in the photo below where she managed to land this monster fish.  Clearly I’ve inherited her adventurous spirit, but how come I never look so cute when I’ve just caught a big fish?

{the hubs likes to fish too!}


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