family of three

I had the pleasure of shooting some family friends last weekend.  Their little one turned 3 on Saturday and we wanted to continue the tradition of snapping her annual birthday photo.  That little lady is just too cute.  And what a gem of a family to work with.  I kid you not, the entire photoshoot took 15 minutes.  My friends were completely professional and family-photo-taking veterans.  I never had to direct and try to make them look relaxed but still find their light (Tyra style).  Because we had so much time after shooting at our original location(s), I suggested that we take some pics on their freshly poured slab.  I’m so glad I did because we got this year’s chicken dinner of a christmas card!  (But I’m saving that one for them to reveal!)

 home sweet home

{this is what I made when she turned 1}

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