weekend scene

What a productive weekend!  It started off with a bang on Thursday evening and didn’t stop until last night.  But I really don’t have many photos to show for it.  I spend the first part of the weekend cutting out our Christmas cards — I’m pretty pumped about this year’s design, as the hubs and I truly collaborated and both used our creative skills to make this one a fun one.  (Granted, we keep saying that most folks are just going to look at it, smirk and say, “they’re so weird.”  But it’s true; we are!)  I then spent a good portion of the weekend locked down on the couch, laptop at hand, working on another poster/flyer/graphic design thing-y for our church.  It has been so wonderful to learn a new program (the hubs might disagree!)  Instead of doing everything (and I mean everything) in Photoshop; I’ve now done two projects in Illustrator.  And as much as it pains me so say it, I really like it.  (But it is still frustrating that there aren’t even MORE similarities between the two programs.)  I even dipped my toes into InDesign; yikes!  I also needed to create our return address labels and a photo-esque gift for a young couple who was recently married.  Then on Saturday my sis asked me to create her some labels for her Christmas gifts this year!  I’m honored she would think my design skills are worthy as her gift baskets always give Martha Stewart a run for her money.  Hopefully I’ll pin-up a few of these recent design items in this space — if I can get over the vulnerability of it all…

December Working Weekend


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