architecture of the object

So this is where I’ll be this Thursday night.

One of B’s classes this semester is called “Architecture of the Object.”  The short of the long: create a beautifully designed object, pitch it to a store for purchase.  And that he did.   He and his fellow classmates are showcasing their projects at one of Houston’s finest shops, Ph Design Shop.  Basically Ph Design Shop is my pinterest boards come to life (sans clothing).  There you will find the likes of Kinfolk & Anthology, Rifle Paper Co goods, Herschel Bags, and any other beautiful object trending at the moment.  (If you can’t make it into the shop you can see some of their on-line offerings here.)  I’m holding off on posting the hubs’ project until after Christmas as several will be sent out as gifts.  But if you’re in Houston on Thursday, go see the manifestation of a semester’s worth of creativity and sweat equity.


(Kudos to Michael for such a well crafted flyer!)

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