good-bye 2012

Year End Review

Twenty-twelve was not completely unexpected nor was it boring.  I guess I should be a little more proactive about the future rather than contemplative about the past but alas, this is where my mind is.  The past 365 days had many highlights, particularly the seemingly mundane.  I think because I have been anticipating 2013 to be a year of changes and excitement that it somewhat shaped this year as one closer to home and family.  As I thought about my 10 favorite memories/highlights/gratitudes these are the ones that came to mind:

10. Travel near and far.  January brought us to Michigan and May saw me in New Orleans.  (The hubs, however, saw England, France, Italy, The Netherlands, & Denmark!) Which brings me to #9.

9. Lots of family time.  Because the hubs was away for 7 weeks, I got an extended stay with my folks.  It also meant pool-party Friday’s with my sis.  We were also together a lot during my Grandmother’s final weeks. But we also celebrated life, 60 years worth, with a big family party at the beach.

8.  And a lot of that family time happens Monday – Wednesday when they let me invade their space.  I can’t believe that January will mark two years of my 90 mile each way commute.  I’m also pretty pumped that I still have an incredible job.

7.  That incredible job has given me Friday’s off which as allowed me some extra time to try new artistic endeavors.  I painted more this year than I ever have.  I tried drawing again a few times.  I even dusted off my grandfather’s old film camera and gave that a shot too.  I even stretched myself in the last few months to finally learn illustrator too.  (The left side of my brain got lots of wrinkles this year!)

6. Life and death certainly are two-sides of the same card.  As I said hello to 34, I said good-bye to my beloved grandmother.

5. We weren’t short on celebrations of life and love though as the hubs and I celebrated #8 — even though we were separated by an ocean.

4. While the hubs was away, I focused my mind by moving my feet.  I’m not exactly at the same place I was (physically) in July, but I’ll be there again soon — very soon!

3.  It was a wonderful reader that pointed out that it looked like every weekend I had some kind of amazing meal… and you know, I think I did.

2.  One of the most pleasant surprises was getting plugged into a new community and hanging out with people twice our age!

1. I’m continually awed by how amazing my life is.  It’s not always easy, but I have so much to be thankful for — all the time.  And I am really, really looking forward to experiencing all that 2013 can bring.

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