weekend scene

I took and unexpected hiatus around here and my contemplative mood continued throughout most of the weekend.  The sunny and insanely pleasant weather would usually make me giddy, but instead I felt like quietly turning my face to the sun.  Quietly and thoughtfully I enjoyed a meeting with my priest, a lunch date with the hubs — picking him up at his office?– and returning home to clean my house like a crazy lazy.  I turned on some tunes, turned off my phone and scrubbed my house!  My ruminative insides made my hands start rearranging things (again).  I always feel like our home is so “junky” and cluttered (and mind you, we have very few sit-arounds), but still, less really is more.  Once I make a few more changes I’ll have to update our space with actual photos.

Cleaning and rearranging lead into a sewing project for the sis.  I was reminded again of why I don’t really sew any more!  Later in the weekend we enjoyed a few good runs, brunch with friends, and a final Homeland marathon (season 1).  Good grief that show is good!  I’m about to take on a few more books and renewed running power, so I’m not sure about my presence in this space.  As always, we’ll see how it goes…

Feb Weekend


    1. I was so proud; we got rid of another 30-some-odd books! Thinning out, paring down…. whatevs. Also, I know a pretty handsome and handy fella that could make you some shelves like that!

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