weekend scene

We indulged on our last weekend before Lent.  (That might be an understatement.)   We started the weekend extravaganza at one of our favorite food trucks — Rice Box, ahhh, comforting American-style Chinese fare.  I then spent Friday with my Aunt north of the city.  She took me to one of her favorite fancy grocery stores for perusing and afternoon coffee-ing.  (It reminded me lots of a favorite Chicago shop.)  Saturday was spent cleaning, organizing, and painting again.  I have really enjoyed my efforts at painting — only abstract art mind you.  I’m terrible… but I’m learning.  I enjoy seeing how the colors mix and how different brushes (and other tools) make unique shapes.  I’m determined to get better.  If I was smart I’d sign up for a class somewhere, but alas, the internet is my only teacher right now.  I also started a new book totally expecting to not really get into it… well, too bad work is getting in the way because I’m a third of the way into it and I want to finish it by next Sunday.

I am so grateful for my free time — to spend how I like.  It is a luxury I hope to never take for granted.



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