weekend scene

It felt like it was a really long weekend, although it was still three days as usual.  I think it was because the weather was so nice and we packed so much in that we fell in bed Sunday night with a long sigh.  We had a wonderful spontaneous lunch date on Friday at the MFA.  I must have been the only person in town not to know that later that weekend the museum would be the site of Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday bash!  There were celebrity sightings all weekend, but I was oblivious.  While the rest of town was living it up, I was making good progress on a two books, cleaning out an entire file cabinet, going on no less than 3 runs, lunching with the sis and catching up on some much needed TV time — thank you Walking Dead!  Looking forward to the week ahead.

February Weekend


  1. I am always feeling out of the loop on events, last weekend there was like 20 people waiting for the bus at our little stop and I was like but why!! and where are they going!!!

  2. Wait. Thee Michael Jordan!? I used to watch “MJ’s playground” with the kids I babysat everyday for 3 months. I feel like we know each other and that I should have been at that party.

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