house hunting

I feel that I should qualify that title.  We are NOT looking for a house to purchase.  After our last ordeal (and the craziness that was 2008 real-estate) I don’t know when we’ll buy again.  Besides we LOVE our little abode; but the hubs and I are always looking (and critiquing!)  *Sidebar — how terrible is it that we bond over griping about stupid houses in the neighborhood — ok, so I’m guessing the homeowners don’t think they’re that stupid.  But how can we resist when we run through this neighborhood — it’s so ripe for fodder.  And yes it’s probably all just good old Cain and Able jealousy; however, it’s clear that money can’t buy you taste!  But I digress…

Last weekend we changed up our running route a bit and stumbled across two fantastically 60s-esque apartment complexes.  (See not everything in that neighborhood is tacky — in fact, it really is quite pleasant and thank goodness I am putting their tax dollars to good use and actually using their wonderfully flat sidewalks.) We have decided to call this little section of the neighborhood Palm Springs 2.0.  Well, I have never been to Palm Springs, but I know automatically that I would love it.  I mean, what’s not to love, right?  All that mid-century architecture, lovely topography, and perfect year-round weather… it’s enough to make me consider finding a job that actually pays really well.  Ha, ha.  Well, these two little, groovy communities looked super inviting and like they had LOTS of potential; and it’s not just because of the pools either (clearly I’m a little obsessed.)  It would be interesting to attempt to shoot some architectural shots of these places with my real camera.  And the bottom photo is to add to my personal collection of favorite homes.  I didn’t realize how much I really, really like that house.  Every time we run by it, I say something (nice!), so I finally paused on Sunday long enough to snap a photo (but hopefully not long enough that the neighbors called the cops).  I love the clean lines and of course the colors: black, white, & wood.  I would love to know how the interior is laid out, but in my book it’s perfect — especially since just over that wooden fence, in the front yard, … is a POOL!

House Hunting


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