weekend scene

The Indigo Girls said it best when they penned the song, Southland in the Springtime.  Good weather can change everything, even the hardest of hearts stuck in Houston traffic.

We took the opportunity to try to kill our plants from scratch… or rather, plant a few seeds and try a science experiment.  (Ever since our adventures in green onions, we’re feeling like a couple of farmers over here! *Ahem*)

Really plant life was just the tip of the iceberg around this house.  We shared dinner with a friend on Friday, so that meant I got most of my chores done early in the weekend.  Saturday we did a little birthday shopping as both our siblings will celebrate this week (on the same day even!) I’m deep into the thick of it with 3 books… making headway on each, surprisingly… and we even had time to fit in a wacky Netflix movie.

We also took the time to plant a few creative seeds as well that we’ll need to nurture to see if it will grow into something wonderful…lots of mental energy was dedicated to that endeavor.  We’ll see what comes of it all…

Spring Weekend

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