split personality

Split Personality

[photo here & here]

I’m not usually one to post photos of celebrities (or the like)… but I recently saw both of these photos of Elizabeth Olsen and they were so striking.  Not only is she a beautiful young woman, but the difference in her hair color seems to change her personality.

I’m sure there’s been many studies on our perception of women’s character, etc. based strictly on hair color and this is no exception.  I have automatically assigned a back-story for each of these looks.  The thing is, I find myself wanting both, regularly.  As much as I like to rearrange my home, I really like to rearrange my look.

I certainly don’t think I have a “signature look”.  Most days I would like to channel some combination of Katherine Hepburn and Cate Blanchett.  (Ha! Who wouldn’t! I know, such low standards…)  Who am I kidding — most days I’d settle for a notch above Nick Nolte’s mugshot!  However, I digress.

I don’t know any of these women so I can assign personalities to go with their style at will.  And I guess as much as changing my look is “for myself”,  if I’m really honest, it’s just as much about trying to control other people’s perceptions of me… an impossible and exhausting task.  Sure it’s fun to try on different “personas” if you will (thank you Chloe Sevigny), but I guess I’m always questioning my own motives.

Who knew such an existential crisis would arise just because I’m going to get my hair done today?  I’m not sure which persona I’ll end up with today — but hopefully I’ll still be “me” under all that effort.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see about my mood thoughts when I get there.


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