birthday food

We celebrated Brad’s birthday early this year and fortunately for us we chose well.  Branch Water Tavern has made it to the top of a very short list of our favorite restaurants.  It was hands down the best roast chicken I’ve ever had and he ordered the bacon-wrapped shrimp over cheese grits.  To our surprise this also included a poached egg and wilted spinach — yum!  But I think the best part was the most O-MAZING cornbread with fresno pepper jelly — we couldn’t resist bringing some home to enjoy again the next day.  That cornbread was a little bit of heaven as its consistency was that of a fluffy biscuit.  And paired with that jelly…. oh dear…. it was the perfect blend of warm spice and sweet jam simultaneously exploding in my mouth.  Perfection!  Everything else on the menu looked amazing too…including their 10+ page wine and spirits list.  We will definitely have to find another excuse to celebrate to justify a quick return!

I am so grateful for so much in my life…but most especially for that tall drink of water I call a husband!

B Bday


    1. I know right?! I don’t think it’s really that red — I think it was the light. But I guess it really has been that long since I’ve posted a pic of myself because it’s been that color for a while! 🙂

  1. what a marvelous description – the food and the fun and the hubby appreciation. and yes, you too are almost too cute for words (because it’s always good to tell our friends how cute they really are – even with the words fall short).

    1. Thank you so much. They are my absolute FAVORITES. My mom picked them up for me when she traveled to Israel a few years ago… but you are in luck. The brand, Camel, now has a website: I’ve often thought of ordering another pair because these are so comfortable.

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