weekend scene

Packed!  We didn’t stop from Thursday evening until early this morning.  And because of a cold snap that came through, waking up to an apartment that was 62 degrees was not conducive to an expedient morning routine this morning!  The hubs is in I’m-finishing-my-thesis-in-30-days-crisis mode, but he still managed to squeeze in some time for me.  Part of that included spending four hours Friday night (starting at 9pm!) rearranging our place.  After we moved it all, I concluded that we had already found the best possible solution… so we moved it all back!  Ugh-o.

We gabbed with my sis over brunch on Saturday and then stayed indoors due to the gloomy-ish weather.  But not for long.  We were invited to take a dinner break for some free BBQ (and really, who can pass that up?!) and then B returned to staring at his computer screen for another 8 hours while I did who knows what. (Read, surfed the interwebs, enjoyed staring at my clean house… you know, the usual.)

Then on Sunday we had a beautiful Palm Sunday service then shared lunch with some friends.  And since I could again only see the top of B’s head and hear the faint “click, click, click” of his mouse, I treated myself to a little photo-walk in my neighborhood.  The sky was clear and cool by Sunday evening and so decided to think/act like a tourist and practice my picture taking.  I still need to sort through those, edit, etc., but I’m sure they’ll turn up here soon.

Another wonderful weekend for the books….

Spring Weekend

saturday brunch || amazing azaleas || somebody got a haircut!


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