the best bargain in brooklyn


Well one of the best travel decisions I’ve ever made was to take a risk on seemingly unorthodox accommodations and, well, it paid off big time!  We stayed at the wonderfully curious 3B Bed and Breakfast | The Downtown Brooklyn Bed and Breakfast.  Succinctly put: location, charm, & price.

The staff was genuinely warm and hospitable, allowing us to drop our bags for a very early (11am) check-in.  Although our cab driver questioned the address because it is a primarily commercial street, I knew I was in the right place when one of the owners answered the door in his socks.

The 3rd floor walk-up was a wonderful home away from home while we were busy coming and going (i.e. changing clothes) for all wedding festivities.  I really did feel like I was staying in someone’s home.  This is not five-star luxury, but rather the thoughtful curation of a few clever late 20/early 30 somethings to meet the needs of the world-weary gadabout.  (Including the most delicious locally sourced chocolates for your room.)

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3B Bedroom Queen

We chose to book one of two private rooms, but if you are on a budget and/or traveling alone, I would not hesitate to book one of the double rooms, or even the bunk room.  Although all rooms have shared bathroom facilities, they were very clean and one was even recently remodeled.  And even though the house was full, I never had to wait.

3B BR 2

Our bedroom was quite loud being over a commercial street, but how wonderfully convenient that 3B provided a whole basket of ear plugs!  (See, how thoughtful!)  The second night however, the hubs spotted a box fan in the common space and so he snagged it and put it in our room and we never heard another sound!  Our bed was terribly comfortable and the down comforter was very cozy for a chilly spring weekend.  I also loved having so much natural light to get ready by in the mornings.

3B Hallway

I think one of our favorite parts was of course the spontaneous conversation with the staff and various other travelers over breakfast (and on our way out the door, and our way back in, and…).  The staff was so friendly.  We met a Ph.D. candidate, a novelist, and fiber artist.  Such an eclectic mix, each contributing their personality and talents to the life of the house. The team has provided many things including but not limited to the hand-made dishes, visual art, even a new built-in bathroom cabinet.  And kudos to Catherine and Alayna for their very delicious breakfast creations.

3B Breakfast

3B Common

3B Common 2

Next time we venture to the city (and there will be a next time!) we will certainly be calling on 3B again!


  1. Visited 3B in 2012 and more than fully agree on your story! This is one of the best places to stay in NYC! And the breakfast is legendary 🙂 Also the meeting with the other guest in the morning at the large table was very pleasant (exchange of tips for visits etc.) mainly because a lot of the guest weren’t there to run a checklist of highlights of the city, but also were visiting a lot of the less known cool places.

    Great post! And I for one am for sure that I’m sure that during my next visit in NYC (there will be one because this city is soooo cool) I’ll be staying @ 3B!

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