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NYC Snaps

Happy Camper


I must say that one of my most favorite activities of our very brief stay was going to the Brooklyn Academy of Music for a night of delicious food and AMAZING music and the best ever people watching.  It was Saturday evening and we had been busy with wedding stuff all day, so I was pretty tired.  But we really wanted to make the most our stay and after catching a quick nap our hotel, we walked a very short distance to BAM for one unforgettable evening.  Were weren’t sure what to expect, but upon seeing the lights and setting, we knew we were in the right place.  All the tables were taken and so after ordering at the portable bar, the hubs worked the room and within seconds made a new friend who allowed us to join her at her table.  This is the stuff I love about traveling.  And as I saw the hubs make such an instant connection my heart swelled with sweet pride and overflowed with love for the kindness and curiosity that runs deep in his soul.  But I digress, our new friend was a French economist visiting New York to deliver a lecture to people way smarter than us.  She added such panache to the already eclectic room.  And the food!  We decided to split some appetizers and I discovered a new favorite: sweet potato fries with sea salt and maple sour cream!  Delicious.  Our performers for the evening were Onaje Allan Gumbs and New Vintage.  And I can say it was possibly one of the best live performances of any kind that I have seen.  According to the website: His latest project, New Vintage, brings together some of the city’s most talented veteran and up-and-coming musicians, singers, poets, and dancers. They convene at BAMcafé for what is sure to be a soul-stirring evening of bold jazz, hip-hop, and R&B.  By the end of the evening I thought Cornell West might just manifest there was so much amazingness happening in that room.

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