california girl

I think I was born in the wrong state.  I was in Califorina all week last week.  It helps that I was not only in California but in Malibu…at a heavenly little escape called Serra Retreat.  I was so fortunate that the workshop I attended was held at such an inspiring and relaxing space.  It was also a real treat to escape on Wednesday and head down into town and walk on the beach.  But even up on the hill, just seeing the ocean and feeling the breeze was beyond amazing.  I was outside as much as humanly possible and even bundled up under a thick sweater, it was perfect.  (I finally now understand the California wardrobe was cotton sweaters and flip-flops!).  Here is a little sneak peek:

Malibu California Beach

One comment

  1. How fun and you are right about the sweater thing, when I moved to Sweden from California I had tons of cardigans but they were all cotton and not wool like I needed.

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