this is my crazy

Have I ever mentioned that I’m a crazy person?  It’s obvious to some (ok, most) but it is acutely evidenced when I decide to do things like completely rearrange my house two days before I leave for a 10-day vacation.  And when I say completely rearrange, I mean, it looks like we just moved in but forgot to pack our stuff in boxes.  Our shit is everywhere!

I’m slowly trying to make sense of it all, but we are both in a purging mood.  This time it also includes furniture.  I think we are going to finally go down to one couch.  I mean, who really needs to two couches in a 660 sq ft apartment?!  (Well, it’s not out the door yet!) But we are also purging clothes, our personal archives, and tons of office and craft architecture school stuff.  What really needs to be on the chopping block though is our 4+  rubbermaids of camping/backpacking/climbing gear.  We haven’t been camping (sans RV) in nearly 4 years now!  (This should be rectified as soon as possible indeed!)

But part of our commitment to “be here now” and to stop living like we’re always in transition is to well… be here now.  And while we’re in Texas, I guess I don’t need to own THREE down coats.  *insert forehead slap*  Yes, three.  We also don’t want to change out our old “stuff” for just new(er) stuff.  So, we’re trying to make what we have work, but also shed a few things that are weighing us down.  Especially since this new living arrangement is pretty indefinite (for the first time ever!)

So, as we try to rebuild Rome around here, I’m having to constantly remind myself (again) that it is never built in a day… and stuff is just stuff.


(This is just 4 of about 400 different layouts we tried on paper.  And how it’s all currently settled… didn’t even make it onto a single one of our paper house dolls!)

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