weekend thoughts — finding my direction


Full disclosure.  I’m in a funk.  I’ve been in a funk for a little over a week now.  All that creative energy I wrote about two weeks ago, out the door.  I also feel weird physically.  I’ve felt like I’ve been fighting something.  You know, whole body aches, sensitive skin, etc.  And it was unbearably hot this weekend, 107 was the actual temp on Saturday!  But that doesn’t mean I didn’t do some great things.  We finally had dinner with friends Friday evening at a new-to-us-restaurant.  It was delicious and the conversation carried us through the evening easily bearing the heat and humidity on the patio.  On Saturday my sister came over and we at a new-to-her vegan restaurant.  We then tried to relax inside our apartment, but sans insulation, this place gets hot!  And on Sunday we finally watched a movie that’s been on our list for a year now. (And it was wonderful.)  But… there’s a but.  I’m weepy, achy, tired, and crazy sensitive about everything.  And I’ve been having really weird and vivid dreams.  Yes, this could all be PMS, but that seems like such a cop-out (and an insult).  I’m very aware of my cycle and very aware of my PMS symptoms, but this is industrial strength crazy I’m feeling.  I was very aware that I was experiencing a lot of changes, and I thought I was very open and prepared for said changes, but maybe I’ve discounted just how much they would be affecting me.  Part of my frustration is that the changes are all really good and things I’ve wanted: working from home, living with my husband (full time), starting my own business… So why do I feel so funky?  I guess a call to my therapist is indeed in order…



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