weekend wondering

Weekend Wondering

It doesn’t seem that I’ve had my camera (or phone) close at hand since our return.  (Maybe it’s because my virtual facial isn’t so pretty to watch.)  But the long weekend was lovely, even though the hubs did have to go into to work on Friday.  We took the extra days as opportunity to finally get this place we call home, a little more settled.  We re-arranged (again!) and I think this time it will stick…for a while at least.  I’m excited about a new piece of furniture we have designed and hope it turns out as good as it looks in my mind’s eye.

We also spent some time grilling like all 4th of July revelers should.  The hubs grilled up some of his famous beer-can chicken.  He was so glad to finally have the time to do it.  It’s been at least 3+ years since we last defiled a bird with a can…and it was delicious.

And quite a bit of the weekend was spent indoors enjoying the cold AC: binge watching netflix, internet researching, and more purging of drawers and boxes.  I’ve set myself a goal of the end of this month to be done with all this remodel/purge business.  And now I’ve got quite the task ahead of me.

The long weekend was also spent in contemplation as we have life decisions to make.  As it’s clear that I’m still adjusting to my new life/schedule I’m trying to figure out what works best for me right now.  And since I’m an insane people-pleaser it’s tough for me to feel like I’m letting someone down by choosing one thing over another.  But that’s all part of growing up and growing into the person I want to be.

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