little miss personality

My personality type is one that loves taking personality tests, or anything that will reveal a little insight into how this crazy all comes together.  I have written before about how I can sometimes wear my Myers Briggs type (INTJ) as a badge, and I still do for the most part, but I love being able to add depth (or rather another layer to this stinky onion!) via other tests, etc.

My therapist recently recommended that I take an Enneagram Test.  There are many free ones on the interwebs and just to be certain that my (free) results were accurate — I took 3 different ones!  And lucky me, all 3 were consistent.  Apparently, I am a 1w2 — which means that I am a bossy, cold-hearted perfectionist striving for some greater good in society.  Ok, so maybe that’s not exactly what it said, but I did feel like less of a self-righteous, robot drone knowing that my “wing” was a 2.  So apparently a (1.) is The Reformer; but a (1.) with a wing of (2.) is The Advocate.  (I kind of felt like I was given a super-power when I heard that!)  None of this should have been surprising to me as I clearly have a history of cleaning shop where ever I am employed — i.e., you’re going to get fired if you work with me because I see through your B.S. and I can’t stand it.  I am seriously co-worker poison!  (Just ask the, no-kidding, 5 different people who have been let go mere months after my arrival!  That said, my ability to see through B.S. has been a real gift in finding my own replacement!  Terrible, I know.)

But one of the funniest and most “insightful” charts I’ve seen to date has to be the very-super-scientific Secret Language birthday chart.  The first time I looked up Brad’s birthday and thought it was pretty good.  I always feel like these things are so general that you can make just about anything stick.  But his did seem to be pretty close to the man I married.  Then I looked up my sisters birthday and was thinking that maybe that’s describing her (or maybe she was just born on the wrong day!!).  But then I plugged in my own birthday… and that’s when I knew this was the most accurate description I’ve even been given of myself.  I am: The Artistic Unsolicited Opinion!!!  When those words popped up onto my computer screen I laughed so hard tears came to my eyes and I almost peed a little.  I don’t think anyone could have nailed me better than those three little words!  All other personality tests be gone — We have a winner!




  1. Okay I just did the Secret Language test and my 3 words are: Grounded Wild Call! Ha. The birthday description didn’t really describe me well, but the Way description did, so who knows. And for the Enneagram sample test, Type 2 (Helper) and 3 (Achiever) were tied 🙂 Fun fun!

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