weekend scene

How is it September?!  I honestly don’t like being so busy that when I sit down to type it dawns on me that the month is half over!  (Such a pessimist realist, I know.)  Well, this weekend was no different than the previous million.  But it was however the first weekend in a LONG time that they hubs didn’t have anything pre-scheduled so he was quite the dear and peered over the tower of laundry he tackled to watch me furiously work on my computer.  I have been busy designing my business cards, flyers for coffee shops, and mailers/info brochures.  And two out of those three complete is not bad.  He put down the vacuum long enough to help me out with a little graphic design project for church too.  We also managed to squeeze in there a beautiful sunset (power) walk via a new route.  Upon said route, I discovered a gem of a little street and a house with a solarium (and chandelier!)  This little street seems to have magically transported itself from our old home on Cape Ann in Massachusetts.  I love finding city treasures like that!  And one of the best parts of the weekend was that I got to go peek at my new studio space that is currently under construction.  As we walked through the metal maze of 30ft-tall beams, I had butterflies in my stomach.  I still can’t believe I’m doing this.  As we left my studio, we stumbled upon the studio of artist David Adickes.  Simultaneously creepy and amazing — and so inspiring to go big or go home!


1. Sunset walk | 2. Graphic Design Project | 3. David Adickes | 4. The view for most of my weekend | 5. A solarium on my secret street

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