DIY pendant light (step by step photos)

It starts like this…




Drill (forever without a diamond tip — only 5 minutes with!) | Run the cord through new hole.

DIY Pendant Light How To

Wire the socket.

DIY Pendant Light How To (2)

Test said socket.  (Yeah — it worked!)


Pull electrical cord to the top and start to wrap with favorite colored twine/thread/etc. (I just glued the end)

Pendant Light Materials

Hang and admire.

DIY Pendant Light How To


  1. This comment is a bit late, but just found this DIY and it’s gorgeous!! Fabulous creation!

    Can you tell me what type of twine that is? I can find it and it’s so beautifully bright!

    1. I got them both at our local hardware store; you can buy them together or separate. We got these separate bc the ones already put together weren’t the diameter we wanted. Your big box stores should have them too!

  2. Great work! Pendant lighting can add a great visual styles to a room. This light is very easy to make by following your instructions. I am totally inspired with your work. Thanks for sharing.

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