the secret to fresh cilantro

Even though the calendar pages have changed and we’ve entered a new season, my (near) daily guacamole habit has not waned (nor will it any time soon).  I think the key to good guacamole is fresh cilantro, but just how in the world are you supposed to keep it fresh longer than 48 hours?

Well a few weeks ago, the darling Fauxmartha put up a Friday Tip that has changed my fresh-herb killing life.  The secret to keeping all herbs to last — treating them like flowers.  When you get them home cut the ends and put in a vessel with a bit of water.  And here’s the big secret — keep a plastic sack over the entire vase while in the fridge.  Every few days change the water and trim the bottom and prune the “bouquet.”  It’s so simple!  I have just been using the little flimsy plastic bag that I put the cilantro in at the store.  What a difference!

As you can see in the photo below, my cilantro is beyond thriving after a week (I actually think that first photo is more like a week and a half). And then in the second photo, well, it’s for sure older than 2 weeks.  And although it’s not near as fresh and looking a little sad because maybe I didn’t change the water and prune like a should… there is still a lot of really fresh, usable cilantro to choose from.

You’re welcome.  Now go make some guacamole!


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