weekend scene

This wasn’t my weekend scene, but the Hubs’ from a Paris cafe, circa 2012.  I was just wishing that this is what I did over the weekend.  An accurate photo would have been a one of blankets, one and a half empty boxes of tissues, and a bottle of Nyquil.  I laid on the couch all weekend with what started as an allergy attack and has manifested into a sinus infection (or so says the doctor in my head).  And it was a one-two punch with some severe PMS just for good measure.  But I caught up on old movies, slept — a lot, and watched an America’s Test Kitchen marathon.  Yum.  Here’s hoping I perk up soon.

Cafe in Paris




  1. Paris does sound good – but what was missing from your weekend was a neat bouquet of Pentel markers! That works well for me! Sending sunshine for a better Monday. Bonjour!

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