weekend scene

What weekend?!  That’s totally not true.  I was fortunate enough to spend Friday cleaning and reading and relaxing before Saturday’s whirlwind wedding extravaganza.  One of B’s colleagues was getting hitched and the weather could not have been more spectacular for them.  But it was pretty much an all-day affair, ending with quite the reception.  Say what you will about this “millenial generation”, but one thing is for sure — they know how to party!  The wedding reception consisted of THREE food trucks on site and a rolling photobooth.  I was glad to get the extra hour on Saturday evening for sure.

And Sunday was full of the usual activities and the weather was so nice that we took the top down on the jeep and rolled around town with our faces in the healing sun!  I finally finished up the edits for a photoshoot I did a week ago Friday and now I’ve got a brochure I’m working on for another business.  And I’m hoping that my studio space will be ready to move into this week.  Fingers crossed…

November Weekend 2013

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