weekend scene

Life is definitely a series of setting priorities, and mine have kept me a bit scatterbrained lately.  I hate making last minute decisions, but the weather dictated our actions this weekend.  We purchased a new armoire several weeks ago but have not been able to make the 180 mile (round) trip to collect it.  This weekend was our window of opportunity: my parents were free (this = a big ‘ol truck to use + free labor) and there was maybe going to be a break in the weather on Saturday.  We spent the better part of the night on Friday working in my studio and although one would think that scraping walls and spackling would not be that messy, it can quickly get out of control…especially when you discover black (seemingly) toxic material on the floor that needs to be chipped away.

My plan was to have my crazy box painted (well, really just primed) before we head out of town for Turkey Day, but that is NOT happening.  Mostly because the best part of the weekend was spent hanging out with friends for a LONG afternoon/evening visit on Sunday.  There was delicious food, great conversation, cold air, a hot tub and there may or may not have been some pre-Thanksgiving holiday music!  I can’t believe that I never took my phone out of my bag (to snap a photo).  I’m so glad we lingered as it was totally worth not going back to the dirty box that is the studio.  It’ll still be there next weekend!  And I’m excited to make a little more progress.


Weekend Scene November Rain


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