weekend scene

Apparently eating is my Olympic event!  This weekend was fast and furious.  I’ve been working on Fridays, and I tell ya, that is for the birds!  (But just a few more weekends — thankfully!)  This past Saturday though was one of the first in a long time that we slept in as late as we wanted (or that my bladder could stand it) and then decided to make waffles (pecan waffles for the hubs).  I hate the feeling of living out this 80s song, but there is something special about Saturdays.  The world moves a little slower.  The neighbors are a little nicer.  There is no pressure and it feels great.  It’s also full of project potential.  This weekend’s tasks: laundry, purging the filing cabinet, finishing another ikea hack, and regrouting the shower.  (Each of which is mostly done.)

Sunday brought an unexpected surprise of a friend calling on us for a quick breakfast & chat over coffee. We felt like “real” city folk as we walked through the damp, foggy morning to a neighborhood eatery and had a leisurely stroll home.

It’s going to be a big week for my day job this week, so I’m not totally looking forward to it; but, that does mean that I’m coming up on next weekend when I’ll have a visitor!  Can’t wait!

Weekend Scene Feb 8-9

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