Living Small In A Big State

I can’t believe that I am once again a homeowner.

New Home

Once we decided to start looking, things happened very fast.  And one of the reasons we landed on this little house was that it was “move-in ready.”  Well.  We can’t do anything without putting our own stamp on it; and now we’ve found ourselves knee deep into a remodel.  We’ve got about another 3-4 weeks of construction because the hubs is of course doing all the work himself, after hours and on the weekends.  He’s pretty much Superman.

I can’t say that I was excited for this next little adventure, but I’m coming around.  I really just felt like we didn’t have many good options (she says snarky-like from her cushy, middle-class life).  And clearly I have some baggage from the last housing crisis.  I was (and still am) nervous about owning again…especially since Houston is on quite the housing high.  And I’m VERY SAD about leaving our current abode.  We LOVE living in this little flat so much: the neighborhood, our amazing landlords, the actual space.

But life must move forward.  And the next chapter is here.  And with each wall that comes down(!), I get more and more excited about this becoming our home.

Here’s a little photo tour:

Did I mention that it’s little?!  It’s a 1932 shotgun style bungalow that totals 780 square feet!  The previous homeowners did most of the heavy lifting as far as remodeling goes.  They exposed the original floors, refinished doors, etc.  The charm was immediate and we knew we could see ourselves calling this home.

But that said… there are definitely changes to be made.


Standing at the front door.  First bedroom on the right, straight through to the living room and then seeing through to the kitchen/dining.

Master Bedroom

This will be the master.  Those shelves and storage bench — already gone.

Galley Bathroom

Each bedroom has a closet and access to the long, skinny bathroom.


We’ve reconfigured the tub/shower.  That clawfoot tub, while adorable, was a big waste of space.  We’ve added a standing shower and storage cabinet.

Clawfoot tub

Adios tub!  (And to everyone who thinks you need a tub for a baby — guess what — you don’t!)

Living Room

This is the “living room” but we have different plans for this space.  It’s mostly circulation space anyway (moving among the three rooms and entry).  The room to the right is the second bedroom and the room straight ahead is the kitchen.

Galley Kitchen

We’re seeing my favorite part of the house – all that light!  This little kitchen is getting a serious makeover.  The blue tile is coming down and we’re adding upper cabinets on both sides and lowers on the right.

Dining Room

My favorite part of the house.  I’m SO GLAD the previous owners decided to put in floor to ceiling windows!  It would make sense to have this be the “dining” area, but the plan so far is to mix things up a bit and have this be our sitting/living area. You know how it goes, someone is always in the kitchen…now we can relax in there too.


This is the outside looking in.  And check out that little citrus at the top of the frame… I’ve got TWO citrus trees!  Pumped.

SItting Area 2

This is another angle of the sitting area.  Although the exposed shiplap adds a nice texture and contrast, I’m thinking of possibly doing a different treatment there — grasscloth wallpaper maybe?!

Taking Measurements

And here is superman himself, doing what he does, taking measurements.  Since this photo, that blue tile wall has been removed and new sheetrock is up!  Hallelujah.  I know most everyone liked that blue tile, but I was the minority.  And this is the voice that counts.  If I’m going to be trapped stuck living in a tiny teacup of a house, I want to really love it.  And I was NOT loving that blue tile.  If I had the money I would have ripped out the granite (yuck) and redo the lowers… but alas, I’m not made of money.  And with a new white wall, the granite is bearable.  The left side where the stove is will have new lowers (thanks IKEA) and a new counter top.  I really don’t care how small this kitchen is — I actually have a stove and oven again.  (Uh-oh, does this mean I am supposed to start cooking again!)

Stay tuned for progress updates…  It changes every day!


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