A Bump In The Road

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I would have posted house updates sooner, but sometimes the unexpected happens…. like you learn that your Superman Husband does indeed have his Kryptonite.  And my husband’s Kryptonite is a little red corvette….

Last week I received “that call”…. you know, the one that’s at the top of your worst fear list.  The one that when you cheerfully answer immediately turns to panic when you hear your husband’s disoriented voice say, “I need you to come get me; I’ve been in an accident and I need to go to the hospital.”

My Superman was driving home like he does every day on our little scooter and a driver didn’t see him and he turned left (of course — it’s always a left turn in motorcycle accidents) right in front of him causing B to crash into the front passenger side of the car.

I can still barely write about it, much less think about it.  Driving up to that scene has been the worst moment of my 36+ years on this earth.  Seeing the flashing lights from a distance, being stuck in the traffic that I know is from the accident, and then pulling up and seeing my husband laying on the ground with 3 firemen/EMTs working on him — I can’t even describe how surreal it was.  It’s like it wasn’t happening to me.  I knew he was “OK” because he called… I mean, he called me!  He formed coherent sentences!  But there’s a ton of commotion.  And then I see the actual accident.  Our crumpled little scooter (still upright!) and a smashed little red corvette.  My husband laying there, still unable to see me.  Gawkers and Good Samaritans standing around.

As I approach him they are taking the blood pressure cuff off his arm and working on his leg.  It’s in the 40s and humid and my husband has removed his jacket, sweater, gloves, and helmet and is sitting in just his button up.  His right pants leg has been hastily removed and I’m glad I don’t see the wound, but rather the triage effort.  Then I see all the blood down his shin, covering his sock and on his lovely gray suede shoes.  But he is alive and alert.

It could have been much worse.  We know this.  We are grateful for this.  It is this very reality — the thoughts of “…just a half a second sooner…” and “…if he had been on the right side of the lane instead of the left…” — that’s the thought that kept me up retching in the toilet all night, seeking comfort that only a cold tile bathroom floor can offer when you’re drenched in sweat.  But he was home now.  Recovering at home.  But it could have been worse….

We discover that his right knee is badly damaged and will need to see an orthopedist soon; but first the lacerations will need to heal.  The shock and trauma seemed to leave him before it did me.  By Friday (two days after the accident) we went to my previously scheduled doctor’s appointment for my 20 week ultrasound.  Good news of a healthy baby lifted our spirits tremendously and he seemed almost back to his old self.

But as days go by and his mobility is limited frustration sets in.  And not knowing when we will be able to finish the house really weighs on both of us.  Yes it could have been worse; yes we are grateful, but there are some financial and practical realities that need to be dealt with, and soon.

Finally, on Wednesday, we have a plan.

We finally got in to see an ortho and we immediately loved him.  This guy was ALL BUSINESS!  He confirmed for us that B will need surgery to repair a significant chunk of missing cartilage and to repair any other soft tissue damage they see.  But if all goes well, that surgery will not happen for 3-4 more weeks, thus allowing us time to Extreme Home Makeover the house.  There is a chance, because his knee “bubble” was compromised and air got in, that he could get an infection.  This would mean immediate surgery.  Let’s hope this doesn’t happen.

But sticking to my best case scenario, we will complete the bare bones of the remodel with the help of a plumber and my friends and family.  My sister is set to help us this weekend get this plan ready and put it in motion.  I figure that all I need is a working bathroom (I don’t even care about the missing tile in the floor and lack of cabinetry) and a working kitchen (and really… I do so much take-out it’s really not that important to me!).  And if I could REALLY get what I want, we will be able to get the entire interior painted because I REALLY do NOT want to try to paint with all our stuff in that tiny little space.  It’s no fun working around boxes upon boxes.

If those three things can happen, then we can get moved in ASAP and B can have his surgery and then recover at the new house (the one without stairs!).  He should be up and walking by May 1, which will give him a month to finish all our custom cabinets, custom furniture, and outdoor shed before the baby comes! 🙂  Who knew that I could be such an optimist?!  I blame the baby.

We’ll see.  I have to be flexible as I have no other choice.  We are just grateful for each day and the reminder that life is so precious.

Now… let’s do this!

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  1. O dear that fear is horrible, I had a call like that from my husband before and the whole drive I could not tell if I was going to be sick all over the car or make it there first. So glad he is going to be ok.

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