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Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.  ― Jane Austen

A few weeks ago I posted over on Instagram that I was dreaming of a living room shakeup. I still love our tiny house; however, I miss being able to rearrange my furniture like a 13 year old girl changes her posters.  (Wait, did I just date myself?!)

So it was serendipitous timing when a lovely team member from Arhaus contacted me about putting together a living room mood board.  And although such a task can easily send me down an existential rabbit hole (I mean, who really even needs furniture…..or things?! #INTJproblems), I reigned it in and actually discovered something: I already own most of what I want for my “dream” living room, albeit I wouldn’t mind a sofa upgrade 😉

Since our house is only 760 sq ft the living room is the hub of our home, unlike the kitchen in most other modern homes.  It is also the literal center of our footprint; thus I obsess about it the most.  As Heston continues to develop and change, so does our current space.  And it will again and again to continue meeting the needs of our little family.  From the early colic days when I wanted nothing on the walls or floor or really anything visible that might remotely stimulate our little scream-machine to the current gallery wall and layered rug concoction that has kept us warm this winter, our living room is the heart of our home. And fortunately for me it is filled with things I love. (Maybe I should do a proper show and tell one day soon?) Until then, here is what is currently inspiring me:

Living Room Mood

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1.) The biggest change that I would like to do to my current living room is wallpaper, particularly seagrass wallpaper.  I love the texture and timeless, classy look of seagrass.  I particularly liked this one.

2.) I have very few “sit-arounds” in the house (this is not out of moral judgement, but rather practicality.  Our storage unit contains most all of my treasures that will one day all be on display!) However, an object that is beautiful AND functional… sign me up.  Vase from here.

3.) Ok, so this is the anchor for the whole room (as is every sofa)… I think I FINALLY found THE sofa I want to marry.  I am obsessed with single cushion sofas and I love that this particular design is completely versatile.  With a quick change of accent furniture and accessories, it can go from traditional to modern.  The slipcover gives it a relaxed feel, while the clean lines suggest a little structure.  Needless to say, sign me up for my first nap.  Get it here.  And yep, a white sofa, even with a toddler.

4.) The other obsession in my life is rugs.  My Pinterest boards might suggest that I have a bit of problem.  I settled on this particular one because it is the current whim of my fancy. And beautiful to boot.

5.)  Now this is one of my most favorite finds: y’all, it’s a light!  It’s so unique and beautifully textured.  Check it out here.

6.) Greenery – whether in frame or pot, I’m a big fan (even if my thumb is a little less than green).  Tumblr inspired here.

7.) With a little one running around (and even without) beautiful storage is a must in a small space.  I adore these nesting storage baskets and already have a million things to go in them.

8.) Currently we’re using old suitcases as end tables, which works as another storage spot, but I like the hairpin legs and elegant top of these side tables.  I also think it’s a little wink or subtle nod to the next item on the board.

9.)  Our Eames Lounger.  The story of how we acquired this phenomenal piece of furniture is nothing less than crazy; and I will ALWAYS love this piece.

Framed Art:  I love so many of the fine art prints over at Minted and scroll through them with some regularity; however, this shot of me in the Domincan in 2013 so perfectly captures my zen place that it absolutely must have a permanent and prominent place in our home. The rest of the art in our current gallery wall is all art that meaningful to us.  Each piece has been acquired or created from a special city or event in our marriage.

10.) Pillows!  How can you even decide?  It’s currently the thing I’m actually going to change in the house. And with a beautiful white sofa, these indigo beauties fulfill my bohemian cravings.

11.) We don’t currently have a coffee table.  It’s weird.  But it works.  The circulation of the room plus the way Heston plays, it’s best if we don’t have one at the moment.  However, when we’re ready, this one is at the very top of my list!

12.) A total splurge and accent piece, I always see these African Senufo Stools in the chicest of chic homes.  And why wouldn’t you?  They are gorgeous in their simplicity and offer the best subtle texture to any small space!

13.) So I also have this thing with candlesticks.  I’m like a moth to a flame at an antique store or flea market (see what I did there? 😉 ) You can own these vintage gems here.

14.) I can’t believe I was gifted this beautiful object.  The pictures are deceiving, this little brass incense holder is quite little; but it packs a powerful design punch.  It is so elegant and the incense that came with it is hands down my favorite — particularly the 8pm scent!

15.) Hey, we’re two liberal arts educated, grad school alumni — we like books and have a lot of them!

16.) So I mentioned that I’m not exactly a green thumb and I’m glad faux plants are en vogue.  I know the fiddleleaf fig is having quite its day in the sun, but I’m partial to this olive tree for a more laid back California vibe.

17.) I don’t think I ever photographed the final version of the bookshelf Bradly built for us, but prior to owning a custom creation we had our eye on this Camino Bookcase.  And one of the things I really like about it: doors = less dust!

There is no place like home.  ― L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz



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