travel journal

I love hanging onto travel ephemera.  But very rarely do I actually put it anywhere but in a box.  However, I stumbled across this lovely travel journal by Victoria and I am completely inspired for my next trip.  (And now I can’t wait to see the hubs’ upon his return.) See all of her lovely pages here.

all photos (and more) by Victoria

Customized Cord & Plug

A few weeks ago, while on a picnic, I kept myself occupied by making my phone cord a bit more colorful.  We have quite a few cords floating around and I have on several occasions grabbed two (or none); but now there is no mistaking my cord (& plug) from anyone else.   I just used a little embroidery floss for the cord and some washi tape for the plug.  Easy-peasy.

handmade holiday — part 3

The packages…  I used all scrap material: grocery sacks, twine, newsprint, tree trimmings, ribbon, paper clips, and a hole punch.  There is even an upcycled pastry sack and Freebirds to-go sack!  The tree trimmings were free from Whole Foods (which is where most of the grocery sacks came from).  And I was so proud of myself for FINALLY using Martha Stewart wrapping paper (*confession — I’ve had it for FOUR years!). However, these packages didn’t stay pretty for very long…

a touch of gold

A few weekends ago, I was in Zara and saw the most fantastic skirt.  I knew right then it’s what I wanted to wear to the Stars Dinner.  However I didn’t want to pay $70 for it.  And of course I got struck with “I could make that!” syndrome (again.)  The key though would be finding the right material.  After searching hi and low for the gold bottom layer I finally found it on Ebay here.  It was only $7 a yard!  Then, I came across the top, sheer layer at High Fashion Fabric ($13 a yard).  My only complaint was that they didn’t have it in the “putty” color I was really looking for.  Oh well, what are you gonna do?  To finish, I used some black 2″ wide elastic and made the easiest elastic-wait skirt ever.  (See it in progress here.)  If you don’t know just how easy it is, there is a great tutorial for one here.  But mine wasn’t even that complicated because it is sans pockets and NO HEMMING required!!!  Looking at it now, I would have added MANY more pleats, but it really would have made it more of a cream color instead of what it was.  But, maybe for another day.  (It would be fun to do this in other colors.)  I accessorized with my shoes from last year, a black tank top and this black jacket.  Easiest outfit ever….

crafting gone wrong

So two of the projects I talked about yesterday were making crayons and etching a vase.  With the crayons I overheated and melted them too much.  Then I left them in the freezer too long; I also didn’t spray the mold so when I went to empty them, the tails broke off… then I had to heat them again!  Ugh.  I finally got it to work though, but no photos yet.  And with the vase, I have NO IDEA what I did wrong.  I used a test piece of glass.  It worked beautifully.  I then use the cut out on the piece I purchased and it’s like the chemical reaction turned out completely uneven.  So I then went back to the test piece and it wouldn’t work again.  I tried it TEN MORE TIMES and still nothing.  So I threw in the towel and unfortunately our friends do NOT get a monogrammed vase….  But I suppose we can’t all be Marthas all the time.

a gift received

I love it when someone loves their gift as much as I loved making it — and then takes a picture and sends it to me!  My gal-pal immediately put her new African-bunting to good use on the shores of Lake Michigan.  I wish I was camping there again.  It is one of my most favorite campsites.  But thanks to my friend, I can live vicariously once again.  Nice shot, Fig!

a little decoration

Last weekend I couldn’t help myself and I made a little “happy” for my friend that is stuck in the woods with 15 campers!  I figured a little bunting could help brighten her tent or the dining area.  (I am jealous though that she is back in the same place we were in 2009.)  I used some of the fabric that she brought back for me from Tanzania in 2008.  It was a great, easy one-evening project.