i’m back!

The Dominican Republic Vacation

I can’t believe that today is the first day of the “real world.”  It has been quite an exciting four+ weeks and I’m bursting with creative energy and a desire for routine again.  (Granted my routine of wake up, eat, lay on the beach, nap, eat, lay on the beach, eat, sleep, repeat…. was a pretty good routine!)  I’m sure I’ll still be processing it all for while, but I cannot explain how wonderful it has been to have a bit of a sabbatical.  I feel refreshed and energized to tackle what’s coming next.  And I have some exciting things on the horizon — personally and vocationally.  I’m full of fear and anticipation as we settle into our *somewhat* new life together.

One of the biggest highlights of our time off was that we celebrated our 9-year anniversary.  Gosh, that makes me feel so old.  But I also realize that I was just a baby when we got married (26!).  As is tradition around here, we did another photo-shoot.  This one just so happened to be in The Dominican Republic where we were having a good rest.  In years past we’ve taken lots of photos and made a bit of a montage, but this year, a single photo summed it up.  Sitting under that cabana for 9 days… reading, drawing, painting, thinking, staring at the ocean…. was beyond perfect.  And it feels like it’s just where were are in our relationship too: deep, deep peace.  We know we are at the right place a the right time.

So in the next few weeks, I hope to return to a regular blogging schedule again as this platforms provides some sort of outlet that I still (after 5 years) can’t quite put my finger on.  I hope to share more about the places we’ve visited (including The D.R.), books I’ve read, our updated and newly re-arranged apartment, and new business ventures.  Although B mentioned that he felt like it was the middle or end of summer already since we were just on vacation, I actually feel like we are just starting summer… and the rest of our lives.

It’s good to be back.

weekend scene

April Scenes

I couldn’t quite get it together to look through my weekend pics last night.  It was our first weekend sans school pressure in nearly three years and so we made the most of our time together.  But interestingly we weren’t quite in sync (yet).  Our sleep schedule has been off for some time and so when we actually went to bed at the same time, it kind of threw me off.  Neither one of us slept all that well; especially with our little kitty waking us up periodically too.  It was a funky weekend weather wise too.  It rained and rained on Saturday and didn’t quit until early Sunday morning.  I love spring storms though; the lightening and thunder were strangely comforting.

We did start off great though.  Thursday evening we went for a nice long walk to the grocery store, and the hubs literally stopped to smell all the roses in bloom.  Plus, we got cake to celebrate our new freedom.  Friday night we finally used a coupon for Alamo Drafthouse.  So fun.  Dinner and a movie in one place; the food was pretty good, but better yet, I had wine with my flick.  And the servers really were discrete and didn’t disturb the movie at all.

Saturday I had to mentally prepare myself to go to… the mall.  I am looking for the perfect walk-all-day-in-the-city-shoe.  No luck yet.  (More on that later, I’m sure.) While we were inside it’s started pouring and didn’t let up.  It rained so much that we ended up having to cancel dinner plans with friends; so instead we watched a movie and cooked at home…all while it stormed.  All that rain made for a beautiful sunrise/moon-set on Sunday morning.  And then we finally made our way to the hubs’ studio to clean out his space… for good!  It still feels surreal.

This new life is going to take some getting used to for sure.

words cannot express

He did it!!!!!  The hubs has completed his FINAL architectural project for school!  Graduation is a mere 18 days away and a bit of a formality at this point….because it’s over!

My reaction: celebration gif

 His Reaction:  Napoleon Dance

Someone was so kind as to snap a photo of him in action.  Brad said that this was his best final jury.  (Mind you that doesn’t mean it was a great review… it was just better than the last two years’!)  But he said that it felt good to go out on a high note, because there was no redeeming this project once it was complete.  Maybe I should finally post one of his projects in this space.  For now he is celebrating by getting up and going to a paying job and not school!  A great day indeed…

final architecture project

i *heart* my family: spontaneity

Spontaneous is not usually a word associated with me.  I don’t even like to take a trip to the grocery store if it isn’t planned ahead of time, much less stop and get gas at a station I didn’t already research.  And this is clearly a direct inheritance from my Dad; he is an adventurer for sure, but the opposite of fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants kind of guy.  He and I not only plan our trips, but plan for almost all contingencies.  I like that he and I are planners — there is usually much less regret involved.  However, I have been known to occasionally throw caution to the wind and surprise my husband with an unplanned activity.  And it’s usually with little chagrin and great satisfaction — usually!

I guess it’s true that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as my Pop too has his moments.  He decided to celebrate his 40th! wedding anniversary by scooping up my mother and running away last minute to a resort at Lake Tahoe.  I have no doubt it will be a trip worth any hyperventilation that comes with planning a long weekend getaway just a mere 72 hours before.  I’m so proud (and hopeful!) that even after 40 years we can get out of our comfort zones and seize the day (and that great last-minute travel deal on the internet!)

Oh, and the sis and the mom — both totally laid back like the hubs — ready to take a scenic detour at a moments notice.  Drives me crazy!

Family Swim

[One of my favorites: My Dad, Mom, and sister circa 1976]

weekend scene

It felt so good to turn off my phone and computer Thursday morning at 6am and not turn it back on until Sunday afternoon!  We made our now annual trip to West Texas. (2011, 2010)  The sky was big, the air was cold, and the sun was warm.  And it was fantastic to not have any electronics to distract us.  We didn’t stay until the new year, but it was a great way to end the year.

Weekend Scene

1. The 2-year drought has taken its toll on the land and it’s inhabitants.

2. Chores to be done — a little fence mending.

3. An outdoor card game.

4. Fresh apple pie — thanks mom!

5. A dry landscape (and a small doe on the left side of the frame).

weekend scene

What a weekend.  It was here and then gone in the blink of an eye; however, Thursday seems like it was a month ago rather than just 5 days.  The hubs’ open house was a huge success and the store where they had their opening actually wanted to purchase more!  I could not have been more proud.  It’s wonderful to see a semester’s worth of hard work pay off.

We then had so much to do on Friday as well.  (The day of course broken open with the horrible news out of Connecticut.)  With Christmas fast approaching we had lots of errands to run, packages to prepare and gifts to make.  We also had 3 different Christmas parties to attend on 3 different nights!  So party we did.  And yet somehow, I feel like we didn’t make much progress this weekend.

But after this week we’ll be like new people as B has his last deadline to meet on Wednesday at midnight and I will have my last day of work for the year on Thursday!!!  Four more days — but who’s counting!

Dec Weekend Scene

i heart my family: the fisher-women

I was fortunate to have two grandmothers who were quite the outdoors women.  Maybe not in the contemporary sense of the word, but both women were not afraid to get their hands dirty, for work or play.  (Including but not limited to: gardening, camping, fishing, farming, hunting, golfing, walking, birding…)  I really appreciate the legacy of these two very feminine and domestic tomboys.

Seeing as how October is upon us, the fish are biting and I would love to play hooky from work to head out into the Gulf.  But between my allergies and my super-sensitive equilibrium, I’ve been land-locked.  Maybe I should try surf/land fishing like my maternal grandmother did in the photo below where she managed to land this monster fish.  Clearly I’ve inherited her adventurous spirit, but how come I never look so cute when I’ve just caught a big fish?

{the hubs likes to fish too!}