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Quick Parenting PSA

As mentioned in my previous post, I really know nothing about babies.  But I’m a quick learner.  And one of my favorite -to-date parenting hacks: BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES.

Whether I’m out for a walk around the block or trying to not let the mind-numbing screeches of the Children’s Museum drive me to day-drink, my bluetooth headphones have saved the day.  I’m not zoning out to ultra chill beats, but rather making my brain a little more wrinkled by listening to podcasts!  These four have been in heavy rotation:



1. | 2. | 3. | 4.

(I also love Joanna Goddard’s recommendations too.)

So when you see in my eyes that “thousand-yard stare”, it’s not just because I’m the mother of a busy 15 month old, but mostly because I’m listening to something really interesting!

i’d pin that…

Well I can’t help myself.  Do you use Pinterest?  It’s a place to catalog anything you can find on the internet.  And since I’m suffering from old-lady brain more than usual, I love having a space to keep all these wonderful things organized.  I’m not so much into the whole “following” thing.  But you can keep up with me and what’s catching my eye by clicking on that little red gizmo on the right that says: Pinterest.

the real *easy* button

I am a total visual person.  And because of this, I really don’t enjoy cruising on Craigslist because of the list-style layout.  I end up opening six thousand tabs and I’m really only interested in one or two things… if only I had been able to see the item before I clicked…  Enter Craigseasy —  the Easy Button for people like me.  It will change your boring old Craigslist page into a dreamy picture-heavy way to search for your future acquisitions.

It’s super easy to use.  At this website all you have to do is drag the easy button into your bookmarks (or toolbar for those of us who are a bit obsessive) and when you pull up the Craigslist page that you want, like say — furniture — then just click on your newly bookmarked easy button and watch the transformation!

(Just when I thought I couldn’t waste even more time on the internet!!)

{images from various craigslist posts}

lounging around

I can’t believe that the hubs and I now own an authentic piece of Herman Miller Furniture.  We are the proud new owners of the Eames Lounger.  But unfortunately it is still in Michigan along with the rest of our belongings.  We acquired the piece from a former tenant.  This chair — although just a chair — has been on our life list for some time; not just because I tend to have an affinity for things I can’t afford, but particularly because we lived all of 30 seconds from HM headquarters, the same street in fact.  We both love mid-century modern design and this piece is such an icon.

I’m glad to know there are so many others out there just as obsessed interested as we are.  In fact, there is a new and seemingly comprehensive book about the Eames story. There is a great write-up about it (with more pictures) over at Yatzer.


The abridged version of the two-volume book is the video below — again found here.  (I’m also the proud new owner of this piece too!  Yipee!)


fearless women

Once upon a time I fancied myself a climber — or rather one who fell from tall places.  That girl has been dormant almost seven years and rarely does anything wake her.  But this video … breathtaking and awesome and a whole string of other adjectives hardly describes it.  {And the best part — there are no stinking boys around to ruin it!}

I want to be friends with these women.  Heck, I want to be them!

{originally spied here}
more here

full beards and flannel shirts

Something about the autumnal equinox has me thinking about — how shall i say… man-things, like the hubs in full scruff.  (I love his beard – really.)  I guess it has to do with thoughts of cooler weather…which leads to flannel shirts and sheepskin boots…and that makes me think of leather goods, etc.  (My brain is sometimes on over-drive.)

I’ve been fortunate enough recently to come across a few websites celebrating men and their crafts, like Grain & Gram.  They make super-cool videos like this:

That Nick is absolutely adorable and I think he and the hubs could be besties…

And if I could I would treat my man to all things manly, including some of the items below:

1. orvis boots 2. martin backpacker guitar 3. colonel littleton satchel 4. patagonia fleece 5. pocket compass 6. tool chest 7. travel tie organizer

mapping it out

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of maps (and charts and graphs).  So when I found Worldmapper, I pretty much thought it was the cat’s meow.  As stated on their website, “Worldmapper is a collection of world maps, using equal area cartograms where territories are re-sized on each map according to a particular variable.”  Just about any variable you could think to ask: import exports, gender, literacy, disaster, communication, religion — you name it, they have a map for it.  I have no idea why I enjoy statistical information gathered and then presented in a colorful manner, but I do.  And they have several animated maps as well – even better.

And speaking of maps.  I would love to hang this one all a wall somewhere.  The colors are quite pleasing and the size/scale just perfect.  See more here.

I would also love to have a series of these maps as well.  (There’s much more to be discovered over there too!)

It would be easy to put this map many places: dining room, child’s room, my pretend studio.

seeing rainbows

I can’t believe just how many beautiful rainbows I’ve seen this summer.  Seriously, I’ve seen over a dozen so far (including two on Monday: one on the way to work and one on the way home!).  And I’m not talking about just a haze on an oil slick either, but full-on, even sometimes double, rainbows.  I love them so much!  It’s one of those natural phenomenons that can catch my breath every time I see it.  Although I may not freak out as much as this guy, I have my own crazy that comes out.

So it’s no surprise then that I’m drawn to replicas in all forms.  And this art installation (and others) by Rebecca Ward has caught my fancy and really makes me want to use all my tape and then some!