picture perfect

A few weekends ago I had the privilege of shooting some family friends for their daughter’s annual birthday documentation and upcoming holiday card.  They make it too easy!  Seriously — of my first 10 frames I think 8 of them were ready to be hung on the wall.  They give a whole new meaning to the phrase “point & shoot.”

Loupe Family 2013

LOUPE FAMILY New House 2013

LL #4

And I can’t believe that little nugget is 4!  See last year’s right here.

brooklyn wedding

Well since I’m in the business of sharing good news, I thought I would finally share some of the Brooklyn wedding we attended just two weeks ago (really, ‘cuz it’s feeling more like a year ago!).  We had a wonderful rehersal lunch at Lodge.  Brad was pumped that he could order breakfast at 3 in the afternoon and I was glad they had an ice cream brownie!  Seriously though, the food was delicious and the place was full of panache.  The wedding itself was at a very unique venue called reBar.  There was a bridal suite with plenty of room to chill before the ceremony; the food was delish, and it quickly converted into a great dance space.  All three are important priorities.

Right after the ceremony we walked a few blocks to snap some photos under the Manhattan Bridge and then onto a little park with the best view of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge.  You might not know it from the photos but we were FREEZING.  It was a beautiful, sunny 48 degrees!!! But yeowzer, my little dress did NOT provide any warmth…. but I sure like it.  That little pink number is a dress that B picked out for me all by himself whilst traveling across Europe last summer!  He’s the best…

Brooklyn Wedding

family of three

I had the pleasure of shooting some family friends last weekend.  Their little one turned 3 on Saturday and we wanted to continue the tradition of snapping her annual birthday photo.  That little lady is just too cute.  And what a gem of a family to work with.  I kid you not, the entire photoshoot took 15 minutes.  My friends were completely professional and family-photo-taking veterans.  I never had to direct and try to make them look relaxed but still find their light (Tyra style).  Because we had so much time after shooting at our original location(s), I suggested that we take some pics on their freshly poured slab.  I’m so glad I did because we got this year’s chicken dinner of a christmas card!  (But I’m saving that one for them to reveal!)

 home sweet home

{this is what I made when she turned 1}

junkyard fun

So, some folks think we’re crazy, but for the last two years family and friends have gathered at a ranch in West Texas to ring in the new year.  One of the highlights is going to play in the junkyard.  Doesn’t everybody like doing that?  It’s always interesting to see what has turned up from year to year.  Last year the hubs and I posed in an old Volkswagen, and it was still there… with a few additions.  But just when you think you’ve thrown rocks at everything breakable and burned through all your BB Gun targets, the always creative hubs will find something else to do.  This year he found an old bicycle tire and croquet mallet.  This equaled a new competition.  Just envision a Charles Dickens era street game with  much less class and a lot more obstacles.  And of course, as he does at all things: he triumphed valiantly.  Even the littles got involved and found ways to enjoy a good ‘ol junkyard.

turning two

Last week I had the pleasure of shooting this little bundle of cuteness.  My friend asked me to capture the birthday girl in her Hungry Caterpillar birthday suit (custom made).  I had an absolute ball and was glad that the little one wasn’t terrified of me.  We were both a little stiff at first, but by the time we got to the 100th frame we were cruising along.  But I had to quickly adapt and remember that I can’t “direct” a two-year old the same way I would, say, The Hubs.  So it was no wonder when I said, “Hey, maybe we could get a shot of you other there” that a mouth-gaping, non-response would follow.  Her mother was a life-saver and really got her to smile big and “……now look at the camera!!!”  It was also my first time shooting something like this with my 50mm — I really like that piece of glass.

(I can’t believe she’s gotten so big.)

a gift received

I love it when someone loves their gift as much as I loved making it — and then takes a picture and sends it to me!  My gal-pal immediately put her new African-bunting to good use on the shores of Lake Michigan.  I wish I was camping there again.  It is one of my most favorite campsites.  But thanks to my friend, I can live vicariously once again.  Nice shot, Fig!

a little decoration

Last weekend I couldn’t help myself and I made a little “happy” for my friend that is stuck in the woods with 15 campers!  I figured a little bunting could help brighten her tent or the dining area.  (I am jealous though that she is back in the same place we were in 2009.)  I used some of the fabric that she brought back for me from Tanzania in 2008.  It was a great, easy one-evening project.