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Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.  ― Jane Austen

A few weeks ago I posted over on Instagram that I was dreaming of a living room shakeup. I still love our tiny house; however, I miss being able to rearrange my furniture like a 13 year old girl changes her posters.  (Wait, did I just date myself?!)

So it was serendipitous timing when a lovely team member from Arhaus contacted me about putting together a living room mood board.  And although such a task can easily send me down an existential rabbit hole (I mean, who really even needs furniture…..or things?! #INTJproblems), I reigned it in and actually discovered something: I already own most of what I want for my “dream” living room, albeit I wouldn’t mind a sofa upgrade 😉

Since our house is only 760 sq ft the living room is the hub of our home, unlike the kitchen in most other modern homes.  It is also the literal center of our footprint; thus I obsess about it the most.  As Heston continues to develop and change, so does our current space.  And it will again and again to continue meeting the needs of our little family.  From the early colic days when I wanted nothing on the walls or floor or really anything visible that might remotely stimulate our little scream-machine to the current gallery wall and layered rug concoction that has kept us warm this winter, our living room is the heart of our home. And fortunately for me it is filled with things I love. (Maybe I should do a proper show and tell one day soon?) Until then, here is what is currently inspiring me:

Living Room Mood

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creating a gallery wall

Because Rome is being rebuilt day by day around here, I have been looking for inspiration new gallery walls.  Our art/photography collection is not extensive, but we own a few things with sentimental value more than anything, and I’d like to hang them.  And because it’s all such a hodge-podge, I’ve been looking for a tasteful way to display it.  I really like the four walls below, each for different reasons.  But maybe we need to invest (or I just need to create!) a singular large piece?  We’ll see…

Gallery Wall Inspiration

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first day of spring

The weather was simply marvelous today.  Although I’ve been crunching numbers for the majority of my waking hours, I kicked off a little early today to make my trip to the track count.  I was even inspired to run the stands with the warm sun on my face and cool north wind blowing my hair.  I have said it a thousand times, but there really is nothing quite like Texas in the spring.


[images: left & right]

what the hex?

So I was perusing my Pinterest boards the other day and I saw a *bit* of a trend.  Do you think I’m into hexagons or what?!  Clearly geometric shapes are the “in” thing right now; I just didn’t realize how ubiquitous they were on my boards.  But what’s not to love about all these dreamy objects?  The links can be found below…

What the HEX

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adding a punch of color

I’ve been thinking about my white-ish couches and what I could do to spice them up (& our entire little loft).  The new place has freshly painted egg shell white walls and an oak floor — a blank canvas.  The easiest (and cheapest) way for me to change-up our same old (and new!) furniture is new pillows.  I’ve really been enjoying seeing the color combo of neon meets neutral.  But I may be leaning a little more towards an ethnic/global market approach.  Maybe I need to find some fabric that combines both — like the Missoni dress — ooooh.

1. Simplesmente Branco 2. Somewhere Splendid 3. Jordan Ferney 4. Martha Stewart 5. Jenni Kayne 6. Adore Magazine 7. Missoni pre fall 2011 8. Vera Neumann