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full beards and flannel shirts

Something about the autumnal equinox has me thinking about — how shall i say… man-things, like the hubs in full scruff.  (I love his beard – really.)  I guess it has to do with thoughts of cooler weather…which leads to flannel shirts and sheepskin boots…and that makes me think of leather goods, etc.  (My brain is sometimes on over-drive.)

I’ve been fortunate enough recently to come across a few websites celebrating men and their crafts, like Grain & Gram.  They make super-cool videos like this:

That Nick is absolutely adorable and I think he and the hubs could be besties…

And if I could I would treat my man to all things manly, including some of the items below:

1. orvis boots 2. martin backpacker guitar 3. colonel littleton satchel 4. patagonia fleece 5. pocket compass 6. tool chest 7. travel tie organizer