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fearless women

Once upon a time I fancied myself a climber — or rather one who fell from tall places.  That girl has been dormant almost seven years and rarely does anything wake her.  But this video … breathtaking and awesome and a whole string of other adjectives hardly describes it.  {And the best part — there are no stinking boys around to ruin it!}

I want to be friends with these women.  Heck, I want to be them!

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full beards and flannel shirts

Something about the autumnal equinox has me thinking about — how shall i say… man-things, like the hubs in full scruff.  (I love his beard – really.)  I guess it has to do with thoughts of cooler weather…which leads to flannel shirts and sheepskin boots…and that makes me think of leather goods, etc.  (My brain is sometimes on over-drive.)

I’ve been fortunate enough recently to come across a few websites celebrating men and their crafts, like Grain & Gram.  They make super-cool videos like this:

That Nick is absolutely adorable and I think he and the hubs could be besties…

And if I could I would treat my man to all things manly, including some of the items below:

1. orvis boots 2. martin backpacker guitar 3. colonel littleton satchel 4. patagonia fleece 5. pocket compass 6. tool chest 7. travel tie organizer

group art

I wouldn’t consider myself much of a “group project” kind of gal.  I’ve got bad flashbacks of school projects gone awry.  Typically what happened is that my type A personality would take over because I didn’t want to have my name on something that I didn’t have full control over and of course no one was going to be able to do things the way I would.  Obnoxious, I know.

But I did, however, find a group project that I actually chose to join.  The Sketchbook Project is a unique collaboration of individual sketchbooks that will tour the country.  The catch?  Anyone can join and submit their book.  The day that Shannon posted about it, I immediately signed up and sent off for my own book.  Then a few days later she had the brilliant idea to collaborate with other bloggers and have us each create a page or two in one book.  I am so excited about both.  I received my book last week and have been staring at the blank pages for inspiration.  I love the accessibility of this project.  It’s for everyone from the professional to the amateur.  I hope I get to make it to Austin next spring to see it in person.


we celebrated our 6th anniversary over the weekend.  without a doubt it was quite memorable.  being inspiring by the recent collection of photo booth shoots and keeping in step with last year’s activities, we decided to make some memories.  i wouldn’t mind this becoming our anniversary tradition.

i’m so glad my husband shares my crazy.  it’s why we work.

*Oh, this little guy made this shoot so much easier than this one, or this one.  I highly recommend getting one!